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For Men & Women, Teens and Between’s.

Shaping, grooming, defining, cleaning up; whatever your request.



Gentle removal of debris that collects in the skin. To assure comfortable and proper removal, this is only offered as an additional service to a full or half session of the Tailored Treatment.



Experience relief from dull hearing, equilibrium-related issues, symptoms of ear aches or infections. Tapered cones used as candles create a fire-driven vaccuum which removes wax buildup without the risk of impaction as in q-tipping or traditional removal methods.


$ Varies by size

Original free-hand art done with all natural, high quality henna powder. Represents Eastern heritages of rites of passage, blessings, and protection. Done especially for Mother’s to-be, Brides, coming’s-of-age, and female cancer patients, but fun for any age or gender.

Tailored Treatment

$60 / 40

Love the skin you’re in!

“Facials” for any part of the body! Each session is tailored to you with infusions to the skin — beneficial vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more. Target any concerns or conditions with customized care for Face or Body. Re-balance, Re-hydrate, Revitalize, Restore! 


Photo Facial

$40 / $70

Gentle cleansing and the incorporation of one or several spectrums of  LED light. Signal cells, speed healing, reduce scarring, advanced & premature aging, inflammation, bruising, promote detox, and remedy conditions of premature aging, acne, rosacea, dry skin & more.

May be added to any of your tailored treatments for $20.

Gemstone Facial


All the benefits of the tailored treatment, plus! Crystals and gemstones hold subtle energies, as does the body. This combines the power of each, amplifying the effects of traditional skincare. Literally leave lifted!

Aside from the deep cleansing, increased circulation, lymph drainage, hydration and muscle toning of facials, gemstones hold energy, and some are known as “piezoelectric”. The energy produced as a result of friction between the human body and the stone can be transferred and transformed. The minerals in each gemstone act as “cells” that carry different frequencies of energy depending on the elements of its composition.  These energies resonate with our own real cells, and can illicit reactions and vibrational changes within the systems of our bodies. Treatments can be done to calm irritation and minimize swelling or puffiness. Also inflammation, acne or rosacea. They can induce relaxation, restore and regenerate! Crystals and gemstones have been known to facilitate healing on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It is a completely risk-free, effective, and non-invasive way to begin healing from within.

Cannabis Facial


Cannabidiol, CBD. If you are not familiar with the effects of this prized plant constituent, you’ll want to learn more as soon as possible. 100% pure, legal, CBD-rich, and THC free cannabis plant-parts used in various ways. Enjoy a traditional European-style facial with products formulated to be rich in phyto-Cannabinoids. Experience the healing benefits while  fighting off inflammation, degeneration, rapid oxidation, and cell mutations. Added benefits of relaxation, stress management and rejuvenation.



Hugely controversial, and hugely effective! Naysayers will try to knock it but, the human body is approximately 70% water by weight, communicating electrically. It has natural drawing properties, and is known as a universal solvent with few exceptions. Treatment begins and ends with hot towel cleansing and gentle reflexology. Mineral-rich Himalayan salt may be added to your foot bath to increase electrical conductivity of the water. Color change in water is normal, and is a result of oxidation. This will vary based on water content. Visual representations differ and will fluctuate based on change.    *Some restrictions apply.

Foot Bath


Allow the natural drawing properties of warm water to combine with the powers of salts, minerals, and various herbs & oils. Comforting, detoxifying, and revitalizing! Begin and end with hot towel cleansing and gentle reflexology.

Hydro / Detox Bath


Customized herbal bath-soak remedies to soothe aches, relieve irritations, draw toxins, or hydrate skin. Relax in a private bathroom with hot and cold towel compress and other amenities.

Home Detoxing


Gentle, professional insight regarding ingredient labels on household products to reveal hidden toxins in personal hygiene items, cosmetics, cleaning agents, and foods.  While recommending the proper disposal of all hazardous products, there are no forced eliminations. This procedure can sometimes require several hours depending on the size of a household, please schedule accordingly.

Chaperoned Shopping-Training

$15 / Hourly

Personal guidance through the motions of reading ingredients on products at stores. Until you get accustomed to the language on the back of labels, this is an easy, fun way to get into the habit of being a smarter consumer. Plus the guarantee of toxic-free merchandise, and recommendations of reputable nearby retailers!

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8775 SE Federal Hwy. HOBE SOUND, FL 33455